Services and Fees
Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Services and Fees
RINEX Download
  • RINEX files are available at different logging intervals and file length
  • RINEX files are downloaded hourly from the stations to the PAGeNet Data and Control Center (DCC)
  • RINEX files are available online for one year
  • Files older than one year are achived at the DCC (Email us at if you require archived RINEX files)

Real-Time Correction
  • Real time corrections to GNSS data sent via NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol)
  • Available in 3 reference frames:
    • PGD2020 – aligned with ITRF2014 and the latest iteration of WGS84 at reference epoch 2020.044
    • WGS84 (2010 adjustment) – compatible with zero-order geodetic control network and the data from GCP reobservation campaigns
    • WGS84 (original version) – aligned with the 1987 version of the WGS84, compatible with the certified GCP coordinates issued by Geodesy Division (NAMRIA)
  • Different RTK products available
    • Single Base - user can specify which AGS to use for correction
    • Nearest Base – PAGeNet automatically selects the AGS nearest the rover to send corrections
    • Auxilliary Cell - corrections are sent from two or more AGS, depending on the station's signal stability (Satellite and internet connection)

Coordinate Computation
  • Computes for WGS84 and /or its corresponding PRS92 coordinates based on uploaded observation data (maximum of 3 observation files of the same point per processing and minimum 1 hour observation is recommended)
  • Suitable for users with limited capability to conduct GNSS processing
  • Disclaimer: Computation is not an official/certified processing by NAMRIA, use for validation purposes only

Rates of Products/Services

The aforementioned services are available for subscription at the following rates:
One-time Registration
Php 1,000 per client
RINEX Download
1sec. to 20sec. observation rate
30sec. to 60sec. observation rate
  • Per Download
Php50 per Mb
  • Unlimited download
         - 1 day
Php 1,000
         - 5 days
Php 3,500
         - 15 days
Php 7,500
         - 1 month
Php 12,000
Real-time Correction
for 1 connection
  • Per Connection
Php 100.00 per hour, per AGS, per rover
  • Unlimited Connection
         - 1 day
Php 1,000 + Php 500 per additional rover
         - 5 days
Php 3,500 + Php 500 per additional rover
         - 15 days
Php 7,500 + Php 500 per additional rover
         - 1 month
Php 12,000 + Php 500 per additional rover
Coordinate Computation

How to Access PAGeNet

  • Click Register on the left menu pane and accomplish the online registration form
  • Activate your account through the confirmation email that will be sent to your registered email address

  • Note: You will not be able to log-in if you did not activate your account
    Notify us at if you did not receive a confirmation email

  • Once account has been activated, click on ACCESS PRODUCT/SERVICES on the left menu pane and logon using your registered account details
  • Subscribe to the specific PAGeNet service that you want to avail
  • Subscription will be activated once the one-time registration fee amounting to Php1,000.00 has been paid

  • Payment for registration/subscription may be made thru the following options
    • For clients within Metro Manila – Direct payment at NAMRIA Cashier’s Office is required
    • For clients outside Metro Manila only – Deposit at NAMRIA Landbank of the Philippines Account
      • Account Name/No.: NAMRIA Trust Fund / 1682-1000-91
  • Payment procedure
    • Fill-out the subscription forms at the PAGeNet Unit of Geodesy Division
    • Present the Order of Payment to the Accounting Office, then proceed to the Cashier’s Office to pay the corresponding fee
  • Notify the PAGeNet DCC once payment has been made. Send copy of the receipt/deposit slip via fax (+63 2 884 2849) or email (

Wait Approval
  • Subscription is deemed approved upon receipt of OR/deposit slip as proof of payment
  • The subscriber shall be notified via SMS/phone call/e-mail re the activation of their subscription